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  • WordPress Docker Setup with MySQL, Nginx

    WordPress Docker Setup with MySQL, Nginx

    Here we can set up WordPress PHP FPM and MySQL docker container on Ubuntu/Debian or any linux machines. And also with nginx configuration for WordPress FPM setup. This article is very use for bloggers / beginners with single machine setup. MySQL Docker setup I’m using MySQL version 8.0 which is the latest image that available […]

  • Nginx with Docker Container [Production Ready]

    NGINX is a web server which accelerates content and application delivery, improves security, facilitates availability and scalability for the busiest websites on the Internet. Deploying nginx in docker is more comfortable and very easy to manage. Deploying Nginx Docker In docker hub, we can find the latest tag build which is build on Debian based […]

  • Setup SSL for Nginx Docker container with Let’s Encrypt, Certbot

    Hello, Today We are going to set up SSL for nginx docker container with Free SSL (Let’s Encrypt / Certbot) and also with auto-renewal. Let’s Encrypt certificates will expire in 3 months and need to be renewed after the certificate expires. So, there is a script for renewal automatically in crontab. Nginx Docker Setup Execute […]