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PlaceTrending HashtagsTweet Counts
1Paul McCartney27002
2Paul McCartney27002
3Paul McCartney27002
6Golden Slumbers <10k
7Helter Skelter <10k
8Live and Let Die <10k
10He's 80 <10k
11Jamie T <10k
12Glory Days <10k
13Noel Gallagher <10k
14Frog Chorus <10k
15Get Back174901
16Abbey Road <10k
18Blackbird <10k
19#legend <10k
22Postcode Lottery <10k
24george harrison <10k
25#UFCVegas57 <10k
26Megan Thee Stallion <10k
27The End650056
28Daily Quordle 153 <10k
29Mull of Kintyre <10k
30Here Today109082
31love me do27644
32ABBA <10k
33At 8016344
35Carry That Weight <10k
36Lady Madonna <10k
37Roisin Murphy <10k
38I Saw Her Standing There <10k
39Mr Kite <10k
40Jessie Ware <10k
41iPlayer <10k
42Happy Birthday Steve <10k
43Yungblud <10k
44Adam Azim <10k
45John and George <10k
46Live & Let Die <10k
47#EggingtonZysk <10k
48#CW140 <10k
49Dance Tonight <10k
50Back in the USSR <10k

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